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Cartilage forms the gliding surface in every joint and it's health is key to long term preservation.  Our ROCKSTAR cartilage platform is there to help prevent cartilage issues degrading into arthritis.  

A pioneering technique is to replace a patient's damaged joint surface with donated living cartilage - our partner JRFOrtho is the world leader in the provision of fresh allograft, Joint Operations are the UK's main provider.

This video shows the technique and offers advice to clinicians working to #savethejoint

Latest News

BOFAS, Edinburgh

Joint Operations thoroughly enjoyed this year’s BOFAS in Edinburgh. We were delighted to welcome so many delegates to our Joint Operations dinner in the National Museum of Edinburgh. Prof  M. Richter presented a fascinating talk on his 10-year experience with... read more

Arthrosurface Cadaveric Lab Barcelona

Our partners Arthrosuface are world leading experts in focal cartilage resurfacing devices.  Since the first HemiCAP was implanted in 2003, over 100,000 patients have received an Arthrosurface HemiCAP with many staying active passed the 10-year mark.  There are over... read more

British Orthopaedic Association Annual Congress

Joint Operations were very proud to be a part of the 100th BOA Annual Congress that took place this September at the Birmingham ICC. Exhibiting alongside Parcus Medical, we met a host of new faces to discuss joint preservation techniques and technologies with. Tweets... read more

FASt Meeting, Glasgow

  The FASt Meeting Friday 28thSeptember took place at the Golden Jubilee Conference centre in Glasgow.  It was great to see so much discussion during the meeting around the use of the AMIC technique and Chondrogide. Mr. Hepple from University Hospital of Bristol... read more

The Principles of Bone Grafting in Wrightington 

In September 2018 Joint Operations and our partners at the Wrightington Lower Limb unit organised the first ‘Principles in bone grafting workshop’ at the Cadaveric lab in Wrightington, Wigan. It was at this hospital that Sir John Charnley pioneered hip replacement... read more

The potential of fat cells – Webinar by Prof. Lee

The Magic of Fat Cells   Professor Paul Lee takes us further into the exciting world of cell therapies, and explains the cellular magic behind using fat to enhance tissue repair in the knee. In this webinar Dr Paul Lee discusses the use of cells in regenerative... read more

Cell Therapy in Osteoarthritis – by Prof. Paul Lee

Joint Operations’ educational partner ‘Knee Guru’ recently hosted Prof. Paul Lee in a webinar titled ‘Cell Therapy in Osteoarthritis’ Professor Lee is double board certified in Orthopaedic surgery and Sports Medicine, he has a specialist... read more

Celebrating Coflex® on World Spine Day

On World Spine Day, Joint Operations Spine wishes to celebrate how Coflex®, an interlaminar stabilisation device with more than 20 years clinical history has changed the lives of patients in more than 40 countries worldwide, providing faster, sustained pain relief and... read more

Highlights from the inaugural ROCKSTAR Kongress

The 27th and 28th June 2017 saw the introduction of a new event on the Orthopaedic calendar. The inaugural ROCKSTAR Kongress, an event hosted by Joint Operations and aimed at Orthopaedic consultants with an interest in Regenerative Medicine and the treatment of... read more

Successfully matching Meniscal Allograft for transplant

Mr Thompson who recently chaired day two of the ROCKSTAR event focusing on cartilage regeneration, is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, based in the Midlands and specialising exclusively in knee surgery and sports injuries of the lower limb. Mr Thompson has numerous... read more

What Makes A Good Orthopaedic Conference?

Joint Operations recently spoke with David Penford at Clockwork Marketing and Events to discuss what makes a successful Orthopaedic conference. With over 25 years’ experience in planning and delivering successful conferences, David and his team are well versed... read more

5 reasons to change what you do with Burn Care skin

Cryopreserved burn care skin is normally reserved for larger burns. Working with our partners AlloSource we have found ways to help make the GOLD STANDARD in burn care more accessible, not just for larger burns but for use in smaller burns too. As one of the... read more

Joint Operations welcomes two local Apprentices

The last few months have seen many exciting developments at Joint Operations, a Swindon based medical device distribution business focussing on Joint Preservation, Extremities and Regenerative Medicine.   June saw the 1st birthday celebration of the company’s... read more

Patellofemoral Disease – Inlay vs Onlay?

A recent paper by Andreas Imhoff comparing the inlay Arthrosurface Wave to the onlay Smith & Nephew Journey implant shows a reduction in OA progression with the inlayed Wave design.  The authors suggest that this may be due to the more anatomic nature of the... read more

Regenerative Medicine – The Future of Plastic Surgery

What is regenerative medicine? Regenerative medicine is the science of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal form and function. This broadly encompasses the use of cells, tissues, drugs, synthetic... read more

HTA licence approved for Joint Operations

HTA licence approved for Joint Operations. Joint Operations operates in several specialities which utilise human tissue for repair and regeneration.  Primarily these include Orthopaedics, Burns and Plastics and Cardio Thoracic surgery.  As such we are excited to... read more