Wexham Park Cruciate Ligament Virtual Meeting.


Wexham Park Cruciate Ligament Virtual Meeting was Orthopaedic television at its best. 

Despite the constraints of COVID-19, Henry Bourke and Ciaran McGarvey were able to convene a fantastic meeting. The world-class faculty discussed a range of topics from quads tendon harvest techniques to the role of osteotomy in the ACL deficient knee. 

Joint Operations were very proud to support the meeting and hosted an innovative session, ‘The use of Dynamic Bracing in ACL Patients’. Gary Bledsoe presented his experiences which were then further discussed by Tim Spalding, James Robinson and Henry Bourke.  Over 700 people virtually attended the session, which was very well received.

Interesting areas of discussion included bracing post ACL reconstruction. The ‘crash helmet philosophy’ of 99% of the time, the brace is not required, but 1% of the time, it is vital.

Henry Bourke also raised the interesting point of bracing the chronic deficiency ACL patient. Breg has a range of ligament braces, including the Axiom-D and Z-12

Meniscal transplant patients also wear unloading braces postoperatively to allow enhanced recovery and a quicker return to weight-bearing, as described by Tim Spalding in the video below.

The ‘crash helmet philosophy’ of 99% of the time the brace is not required but 1% of the time it is vital. – Gary Bledsoe

Here are some of the short clips taken from the breakout session

Joint Operations are proud to be the new exclusive distributor of Breg in the UK.  Combining our experience and portfolio in joint preserving surgical options, we are excited to bring unique and unparalleled solutions to UK clinicians.


Part of the Breg family is the TSCOPE, the leading range of movement brace in the US.   Except no imitations! 

Get in-touch to make sure your TSCOPE orders are now being placed with Joint Operations, ask us about a trial of the brace. 

OA Brace + Injection
Breg unloading braces are tailored to the degree of disease in the knee.  With our combination therapies, you can further tailor the treatment for your patient by selecting Monovisc, Cingal or PRP injection, which is sent out complimentary with the Breg OA brace.   
Our aim with the combination of the unloading brace to optimise pain relief and activity levels, alongside the correct injection therapy, is to help patients either on waiting lists for surgery and/or keen to remain active but are limited by knee pain.
Enhanced prehab for those receiving Joint Operations surgical products.
Joint Operations are a leading UK supplier of allograft which includes tendons, meniscus and cartilage.  We also supply one of the most popular osteotomy plates in the UK; Activmotion.  Appreciating the rehab patients require after these procedures, you can now further enhance their recovery with VPULSE. 
VPULSE is a cold compression device that can greatly reduce pain and swelling for the patient at the operative site.  This will be given complimentary with our Allografts and Activmotion plates.
Read more about a recent recipient of the VPULSE following reconstruction surgery with Joint Operations tendon allograft

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