Breakfast with MMA Fighter Tim Wilde

This edition of the Daisy Digest brings us an interesting meeting with Tim Wilde, a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter. Since introducing Breg products to the Joint Operations portfolio, we have enjoyed offering combination therapies and complimenting all Joint Operations allograft surgeries with a VPULSE® cryotherapy unit.

Tim is one of the patients benefitting from our portable VPULSE® Cryotherapy device post-operatively; we caught up with him to find out a bit more about his journey so far.

The Backstory

Tim has always been an active person, loving all sports from an early age, encouraged by his parents, and inspired by his Grandfather’s involvement in Boxing; he began practising his discipline Shotokan Karate at the age of 7, continuing to grow in confidence and develop in his chosen discipline.

Tim is now a fully committed Professional MMA fighter, signing with Bellator MMA almost two years ago. Tim now trains with Team Renegade in Kings Heath, Birmingham.

The Injury

In September 2020, Tim was in peak condition with his sights set on his next competition in Milan, Italy. During a sparring session, Tim ruptured his ACL and MCL – requiring full reconstruction with the support of allograft tissue. Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Tim Spalding carried out Tim’s surgery at Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital.

The Recovery

Before his injury, Tim regularly used ice therapy to help aches and pains after training, so he understands the benefit of promoting healing and reducing inflammation. He tells us of the dread previously putting his injured ankle into a bucket of ice and cold water and the awkwardness this usually poses in keeping it submerged for the optimum time and containing the ice and water.

In significant pain on returning home from the hospital, Tim tells us, ‘I couldn’t wait to get the VPULSE® on my knee; the compression along with the cold therapy provided better pain relief than the medication’. The device is quiet when in use, so he could easily sleep in the early days of his recovery while using the VPULSE®; the soft knee pad protects the skin from the pinch of the ice-cold, along with the compression the cold goes deep into the tissues.

With Thanks…

Many thanks to Tim for taking the time to share his #myvpulsestory  Tim has an awe-inspiring outlook on life and his injury, a firm belief injuries are an opportunity to become a bigger, stronger smarter fighter.

Joint Operations wish Tim a speedy recovery and we look forward to seeing him in the cage again soon!



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