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Foot and Ankle ROCKstar September 2018 

We were delighted to welcome thirteen foot and ankle specialists from across the UK to meet in Luzern, Switzerland for the first AMIC focus group. With specialist interest in foot and ankle cartilage treatment, each surgeon shared their knowledge, experience and expertise, creating an excellent forum for informative and invaluable discussions.

AMIC and Chondrogide 

Chondrogide is the leading matrix in cartilage regeneration, its use with the AMIC technique is fast becoming the gold standard for ‘enhanced’ repair treatment of Chondral and Osteochondral lesions.  It’s straightforward usability means that every stage of the procedure is time and cost effective. Chondrogide / AMIC has an extensive list of published papers and the key ones can be found here:

As with any discussion about joint preservation, a hot topic for the meeting was the importance of an algorithmic approach, treating the patient as an individual instead of just treating the defect for it’s size and type. This approach could mean that a more robust biological repair or even other non biological options could be considered. Joint operations works with a variety of organisations to bring a wide range of these options to the UK market and has an express aim of providing a boutique of options rather than a one size fits all approach.

Day one had a packed agenda, first Marketing Director Ralf Diener taught us more about Geistlich before handing us over to the experts with experience of the technique. As Ralf said himself, “topics to stimulate discussion” was what the meeting was all about.

Photos of speakers from left to right

  • Ralf Diener – Geistlich Product Overview, Clinical Evidence on AMIC
  • Mr. Rajiv Limaye – Early Results of open AMIC in OCL of the Talus
  • Dr. Martin Wiewiorski – AMIC Talus and 5 year review
  • Dr. Boguslaw Sadlik – AMIC Talus arthroscopic technique + reLIVE surgery
  • Mr. Paulo Torres – Development of Arthroscopic AMIC and proposed blinded RCT study
  • Mr. Malik Siddique – AMIC in the MTP
  • Mr. Kailash Devalia – AMIC case studies for Freiburg’s
  • Mr. Mark Farndon – NanoFX and AMIC Technical Session – Pig Lab.

Thank you to everyone that attended. The topics were excellent, Geistlich were a superb host but our faculty and delegates made the meeting! 


For a more in-depth look at AMIC talus/MTP and other topics covered during the meetings follow the link to the event page – Foot and Ankle ROCKstar 2018 page

Joint Operations are in the process of organising an annual Foot and Ankle Cartilage focus meeting in the for UK 2019.  We will host an open forum for discussion and shared ideas.  If you’d like to be kept up to date for this meeting, you can tell us by following this link to our booking form: Event Booking Page

Are you coming to BOFAS this year?  If so we would love to catch you there.  Please come along to our educational dinner on November the 7th where the cartilage discussion continues! BOFAS dinner information