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An Orthopaedic procedure is a highly collaborative exercise between clinical teams, hospital administration, bio-surgery engineers and industry partners.

Joint Operations has been founded to excel in one particular area, linking clinical teams working in UK hospitals with a network of progressive and innovative manufacturers that are advancing the standard of care within two specific areas of surgery; Joint Preservation and Extremities.

As the name suggests, partnership is the heart of Joint Operations.


On one side we are immensely proud to represent our suppliers within the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Each of these partners has developed unique technology to help Orthopaedic Surgeons resolve unsolved challenges within our chosen specialities.

On the other side, our experienced Sales and Marketing team work in theatres with clinical teams to support them in giving patients the very best clinical outcomes.

Absorbest is a leading company in containing contaminated fluids through their range of super-absorbent mats.
Active Implants develops orthopaedic implant solutions that complement the natural biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system. Their NUsurface meniscus implant is the first ‘artificial meniscus’ designed to replace one that is damaged or deteriorating.
Allosource are the second largest global tissue bank. A charitable organisation, they provide Joint Operations with soft tissue, bone and skin grafts for UK and Irish patients.
Anika Therapeutics is a global medical technology company at the forefront of pain management, tissue regeneration and wound healing.
Arthrosurface provide solutions for patients too young for joint replacement. They pioneered the field of local inlay resurfacing through the HemiCAP.
Aspire Medical Innovation was founded in Munich, Germany in 2015 by a team of dedicated med-tec professionals working together for almost two decades.
Axogen (AXGN) is the leading company focused specifically on the science, development and commercialization of technologies for peripheral nerve regeneration and repair.

BIOBank is a French Human Origin Bone Bank authorised by the French national safety agency for health products, licensed since 2003. BIOBank grafts come from femoral heads harvested exclusively from living donors during hip arthroplasties.

Evolutis concentrates on the research and development of products for the hip, knee and upper limb including solutions for arthroplasty when Polyethylene friction is considered.

Geistlich Surgery is a long-standing leader in cartilage regeneration and bone formation.

JRF Ortho specialises in providing orthopaedic surgeons with the highest viability, most widely available cartilage solutions in the industry. JRF Ortho is redefining the standard for allograft joint repair.

Established in 1985, LifeLink Tissue Bank is the largest not-for-profit tissue bank in the southeast and one of the largest in the United States. They have placed hundreds of thousands of allografts, instilling hope to transplant recipients and their families.

Lipogems International SpA is an Italian company with its head office in Milan which operates in the biotechnology and regenerative medicine sectors.
Neurometrix is market leader for supporting Carpal and Cubital Tunnel diagnosis through the provision of in-clinic nerve conduction studies.
NewClip Technics is a highly innovative Extremity and Joint Preservation company focused on bone fixation.

Orteq has a strong focus on Joint Preservation through regeneration of lost meniscus and cartilage tissue.

Regen Lab is a global leader in products for autologous regenerative medicine based on freshly prepared platelet rich plasma (platelet concentrate) from the patient’s own blood, used either alone or in combination with hyaluronic acid or other fresh autologous cells from the patient’s fat or bone marrow.

Surginov manufactures the Tablerone Positioner, a specially designed accessory for maintaining different positions of knee flexion during surgery.

Trice has pioneered technologies that provide a clinical solution that is optimized for the physician’s office providing more immediate and definitive patient care, eliminating the false reads associated with current indirect modalities and significantly reducing the overall cost to the healthcare system.


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Joint Operations Helping innovators in their work...

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Joint Operations is a ISO 9001:2005 registered company
Joint Operations is a ISO 9001:2005 registered company

Joint Operations Helping innovators in their work...

Joint Operations is a ISO 9001:2005 registered company
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