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Every Orthopaedic procedure requires close co-ordination between clinicians, hospital management and the supplier.  With allografts this partnership is pivotal to bring about a successful patient outcome as accurate size matching is one of the key components for successful surgery.


At the heart of the process for Joint Operations’ customers is Ron Watters.  Ron works with our partner tissue bank Joint Restoration Foundation (JRF).  He reviews patient scans, compares them to available grafts and then works closely with Joint Operations to gain feedback and acceptance from the Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.


Ron Watters

Ron Watters


JRF follows the AlloTrue™ graft processing technique for all of their Allografts. A major study undertaken by the Kaiser Hospital Group in the USA has shown that this technique performs extremely well compared to the BioCleanse® process by RTI, with the latter showing a statistically significant increase in revision rates.


Read the full Kaiser paper here


As the largest provider of specialized osteochondral and meniscal allografts, JRF Ortho represents a quality standard that surgeons can depend on. If you would like to find out more, please click here to contact the Joint Operations customer services team who will put you in contact with your Area Manager.