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Joint Operations is proud to have supported the fourth biennial Patella-femoral Masterclass which took place this year at Warwick university. Several of the most well renowned PFJ experts provided updates on the latest techniques and treatments for patella instability.

The first day was dedicated to young patellofemoral joint problems including children and the second day focused on established arthritis of the patello-femoral joint ranging from biological treatments to focal resurfacing prosthesis.

Roland Jakob presented his 10 year results on his use of chondrogide matrix and ran a session in the lab on the AMIC procedure for treatment on cartilage defects on both the trochlear and patella.

You can find out more about AMIC, Chondrogide and more cartilage options in the ROCKstar Brochure

Saturdays cadaveric sessions concentrated on Patella-femoral stabilisation with using synthetic material and also with allograft tendons donated by Joint Operations tissue bank partner Allosource.   Designed by Mr. S. El-Kawy, Joint Operations have brought the PSK (Patella Stabilise Kit) to market to help address such issues.
Find out more here: The PSK

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