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The latest in technologies for the femoral and tibial osteotomies – the use of patient specific instrumentation (PSI).

Founded in 2002, NEWCLIP TECHNICS is based near Nantes, in Western France where the facility has been regularly expanding with its latest extension doubling the space for manufacturing and sterilisation and packaging of implants.



The agenda for the day began with a tour of the Newclip technics manufacturing facility. Click here to see the full agenda.

Innovation, quality and performance are at the heart of Newclip’s values and is established in 25 countries (Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and South Africa…) and sets out to provide high-tech solutions to the latest surgical trends such as 3D patient specific cutting guides.


Activmotion plate being made from a solid piece of titanium alloy in the factory.

Osteotomy Brochure – click to open and see the range. 

Philippe Berton – Director of 3D printing technology for PSI at Newclip.

Philippe presented to the delegates on the 3D printing technology and how the process has been refined and developed in the last 2 years.

Key advantages of PSI technology:

1 – Accuracy/ repeatability of correction up to 0,1 degree in all planes​

2 – Safer and more secure at each step of the surgery​

3 – Operative time decreased once the learning curve is achieved​

4 – Number of X-ray shots decreased​

5 – Suitable for beginners, average users and experts

Wet Lab and presentation from Matthieu OllivierM.D.

Dr Ollivier covered the following main aspects of the Patient Specific Instruments:

  • Why and when to choose specific guides
  • Practical of how they fit and work
  • Validation study and results of the first 100 cases
  • Aid in planning an executing complex cases

Thank you to the UK surgeons who took the time to attend the meeting.   It was great to support you on this educational visit.  Should you have interest in Osteotomy or indeed Patient Specific Jigs for Osteotomy please get in touch.

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