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A microfracture procedure looks to repair a chondral defect by releasing stem cells from under the joint surface. NanoFX enables surgeons to safely tap into the deep reservoir of cells lying 6mm to 9mm under the joint surface as a first line biologic cartilage treatment.

Smaller than traditional microfracture awls, the NanoFX nitinol needle (pluristick) creates consistent channels 1mm in diameter and 9mm in depth.
Engineered with the strength to penetrate a 1p coin NanoFX can be used in the hardest bone.
Available on the shelf in theatres as a component of the Joint Operations ROCKstar.

The 1mm pluristick enables large numbers of small diameter channels to be placed into the treatment site, protecting the subchondral bone and increasing stem cell release.
The 9mm depth increased stem cell release by penetrating the large reservoir of stem cells 6mm to 9mm under the joint surface.
Unlike drilling, no heat is created when making the channel and the porosity of the bone structure remains intact.


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Product Codes

500-1020 Nanofx Handle – Knee
5500-4010 Nanofx Handle – Ankle
FURS-2101 Knee Pluristik (Box / 5)
ROCKPL1 Knee Pluristick (Single) from ROCK Set
FURS-4101 Ankle Pluristik (Box / 5)
FURS-4101/1 Ankle Pluristik (Single) from ROCK Set
FURS-0100 Thumble (Box / 5)