Meet Gez – Chef, Ultramarathon runner and knee patient.

This edition of the Daisy Digest takes us to Jesmond, a leafy suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne, to meet Gez Davidson, a chef and cafe owner passionate about running and fitness.

Since introducing Breg products to the Joint Operations portfolio, we have enjoyed offering combination therapies. Gez is one of the patients benefitting from our portable VPULSE® Cryotherapy device post-operatively, along with the Breg Medial Fusion OA brace; this offloads the affected medial compartment alleviating pain and reducing inflammation in the joint. We caught up with him to find out a bit more about his lifestyle and his enhanced recovery.

Gez Davidson  – Ultramarathon runner

The Backstory

Gez has been a keen ultramarathon runner for the past 9 years, travelling to some amazing places to compete; typically, these events range from 100km to 160km and sometimes take 24 hours or more to complete.

One of Gez’s most memorable events was Transvulcania on the island of La Palma back in 2018. The 74km route is as hard as spectacular. The Ruta del Baston gives you the sensation of flying over the national park of Calandra de Taburiente, leaving the incredible sea of clouds under your feet. 

The Injury

Back in October 2020, Gez had a chronic meniscus tear. After a long hill run, he was familiar with doing, he felt some discomfort, so he visited a physiotherapist. After a few days of rest, he returned to activity and felt his knee had ‘locked’. He had an MRI scan showing a parrot beak meniscus tear that had flipped, causing him not fully to straighten his knee. He went ahead with an urgent arthroscopy where the surgeon could not repair the tear, and therefore a medial meniscectomy was performed.

The Recovery

Gez was advised to take two weeks off work postoperatively but being a business owner, and he only managed to get six days rest. At work, Gez is on his feet all day and moves around the kitchen, constantly turning and pivoting. At the end of his shifts, his knee was very swollen and painful. Gez was advised to try The VPULSE® cryotherapy unit along with the Breg Medial Fusion O.A offloader brace.

 The VPULSE® gently drives the cold deep into the swollen tissue; Gez comments how the pain relief was immediate and reset him for work the next day, as well as speeding up his recovery. Combining this with the Breg Fusion O.A brace has given Gez’s knee the enhanced recovery it requires. Gez continues to wear the brace during run training and work; he was pleasantly surprised how low profile the Fusion O.A brace is; he hasn’t had to adapt his clothing and comfortably wears the brace under his jeans.

With Thanks…

Many thanks to Gez for taking the time to share his #myvpulsestory. We look forward to hearing more about his recovery (to date, 6 months postoperatively). Gez is still consistent with his physiotherapy programme and back to running 5 miles at a 7.30 pace! 

Joint Operations wish Gez a speedy recovery, and we look forward to visiting his superb cafe soon!


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