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Joint Operations is delighted to announce it’s partnership with Paradigm Spine, becoming exclusive UK distributor of their spinal product range. These products are the first to be introduced into the new Joint Operations Spine division product portfolio.

Paradigm Spine is a world leader in the field of non-fusion spinal implant technology and is committed to improving the lives of patients with spinal diseases. The company provides surgeon centric, indication specific, data driven products for spinal stenosis and the mitigation of adjacent segment disease.

Paradigm Spine’s signature product is Coflex® an interlaminar stabilisation device with more than 20 years clinical history and with patients treated in 40 countries worldwide, it is indicated for moderate to severe spinal stenosis. This FDA approved implant is the first and only alternative to fusion for patients with or without back pain. Five year follow up of a randomised controlled trial confirms the sustained long term therapeutic effect of Coflex® with improved clinical, safety and radiographic outcomes at 48 months post op when compared to fusion.

The key findings included:

– Coflex® is an effective and sustainable treatment option for spinal stenosis and not an inevitable precursor to fusion
– Interlaminar stabilisation after decompression produced outcomes similar or superior to fusion with pedicle screws
– Two level interlaminar stabilisation had significantly lower rates of revision than fusion procedures
– Reductions in VAS back and leg pain were significant and sustainable

Paradigm Spine’s Hybrid Performance System (HPS™) has been designed to address adjacent segment disease following fusion. This is achieved by providing a system that offers the ability to choose intraoperatively which segments to fuse and which to stabilise and preserve motion in, thereby reducing reoperation rates at adjacent segments.

Christian Bromfield, Joint Operations Director for Spine said “We are delighted to be working with Paradigm Spine, and look forward to working with their innovative motion preserving technology which offers real data driven alternatives to traditional surgical options.”