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Joint Operations are delighted to have been awarded distribution rights for mi-eye 2, a revolutionary imaging solution by Trice Medical that allows surgeons to perform a full diagnostic arthroscopy in an outpatient clinic setting.

The mi-eye 2 is a handheld arthroscope consisting of a 19-gauge cannula and needle with an integrated camera and light source, which provides illumination and visualization of an interior cavity of the body through either a natural or surgical opening.

It provides a 120° field of view and a 5mm-35mm depth of field, offering an expanded perspective of the joint and giving surgeons a real-time analysis. Users are also offered options to view, save and share images and videos via the ‘Trice Tablet’, a dedicated HD tablet, supplied with the scope.

Aside from offering speed of diagnosis, the mi-eye 2 is an ideal alternative or adjunct to a traditional MRI. It is especially well suited for patients with inconclusive scans, or those with pacemakers, metal implants, obesity and claustrophobia or anxiety.

A survey of 300 patients, commissioned by Trice Medical showed that:

86% of patients value a diagnosis within their first clinic visit

89% of patients prefer the option of mi-eye over MRI, given the benefits of both

95% of patients value real time diagnosis over cost

Richard Forster, Managing Director of Joint Operations said “We are thrilled to have been appointed sole distributor for mi-eye 2 in the UK. The disposable scope is a feat of engineering that enables direct visualisation in clinic to help patients and clinicians smooth the referral pathway, whilst gaining a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.” 

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Please also watch a video demonstration of an in-office Knee Arthroscopy by Dr. John Xerogeanes below: