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Joint Operations LLP announce their partnership with FH Orthopedics as UK distributors of the ESP lumbar and cervical disc range. The collaboration with FH Orthopedics further cements Joint Operations position within the spinal device market as offering innovative non-fusion solutions for motion preservation in the spine.

With over ten years’ clinical history, the ESP Lumbar Disc® is of monobloc design with an inner silicone core (nucleus) and an outer polycarbonate urethane core (annulus) which replicate the motion in a natural disc. Manufactured in such a way as to mitigate against any chance of wear debris, the titanium endplates have a hydroxyapatite coating for fast bony integration. With its adaptive centre of rotation, the ESP Lumbar Disc® permits 6 degrees of freedom with improved stability being more constrained than a traditional ball and socket design and important in the restoration and maintenance of sagittal balance.

– 10 years of research, development and follow up
– One-piece pre-sterile device for fuss free insertion
– Non-surface bearing for increased longevity
– Designed to fit and restore natural lordosis
– Simple highly effective introducer instrument
– Comprehensive range of sizes
– No reports of migrations or lateral lockdowns

The ESP Cervical Disc® was designed around the features of the ESP Lumbar Disc® and offers heights from 5mm to 7mm with various footprints designed to accommodate individual patient anatomy. Self-centring with an adaptive centre of rotation, the implant is constructed in the same way as the lumbar disc to minimise any chance of wear debris with no bearing surface. With biomechanical properties very close to that of the natural disc, the ESP Cervical Disc offers improved stability with shock absorbing capacity.

– 10 years of research and development
– Monobloc design
– Spikes for primary stability
– Restores and maintains natural motion
– Titanium endplates with hydroxyapatite coating
– 3 footprints and heights 5mm to 7mm
– Simple highly intuitive instrumentation

Joint Operations are excited to be working with FH Orthopedics to bring their innovative products to the UK Spine Surgeon community.