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Microfracture has been used for many years as a first line treatment for smaller cartilage defects. Traditionally a 2mm Steadman awl or 2mm K Wire is used to create a channel from the defect site into the subchondral bone below through which stem cells flow to form a new layer of tissue which can protect the joint surface.

Increasingly surgeons are moving to create smaller channels through the Nanofracture technique using NanoFX from Arthrosurface. This has two main benefits – firstly the nano 1mm size of awl matches the diameter of the surrounding trabecular structure which significantly increases the quantity of cells released. Secondly NanoFX creates no heat which has regularly been shown to seal off the supply of cells from this delicate communicating structure.

This article published in the Arthroscopy Journal compares NanoFX (described as sMFX) to standard 2mm awls and K Wires. It shows there to be a statistically significant improvement in the number and quality of channels created.

NanoFX is part of the Joint Operations portfolio of cartilage regeneration technologies which also includes AMIC Chondrogide, CartiOne, Fresh Allografts and the HemiCAP portfolio of local resurfacing implants.


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