Z-12-D Stability Knee Brace


The Z-12 D provides dynamic technology in a lightweight brace ideal for patients of shorter stature.

Featuring the unique hinge-to-strapping system in a dual upright frame, the Z-12 D provides dynamic control of tibial translation.

The frame contains spring steel reinforcement for extra shell strength.

Sizes:  S  M  L  XL


Common Examples of Use

  • Knee ligament injuries / deficiencies
  • Meniscal instabilities
  • Prophylactic

Product Features

  • Dynamic control system to reduce tibial translation
  • Pivoting gastroc strap design helps minimize brace migration
  • Quick-release buckles for easy application
  • Sport model available with Hi activity pads and D-rings
  • Hi activity pads feature an extra-grip material to assist in fit and suspension for impact activities

Instructions for use

Product PDF

AZ128000Z-12 Dynamic, Magnesium, Custom
AZ228000Z-12 Dynamic, Aluminum, Custom*
AZ158000Z-12 Dynamic Extended, Magnesium, Custom
AZ258000Z-12 Dynamic Extended, Aluminum, Custom*
AZ128YXXZ-12 Dynamic Standard, XS-XXL
AZ158YXXZ-12 Dynamic Extended, XS – XXL
AZ148YXXZ-12 Dynamic Athletic, XS – XXL
AZ168YXXZ-12 Dynamic Extended Athletic, XS – XXL
AZ128YXX-CIZ-12 Dynamic Combined Instability, XS-XXL
AZ158YXX-CIZ-12 Dynamic Extended Combined Instability, XS – XXL
AZ148YXX-CIZ-12 Dynamic Athletic Combined Instability, XS – XXL
AZ628YXXZ-12 Dynamic Standard Sport, XS – XXL
AZ648YXXZ-12 Dynamic Athletic Sport, XS – XXL
CK004011Condyle Pad, Thin (Pair)1
CK004046Condyle Pad, Thick (Pair)1
CK004012Pad Fitting Kit
AZ108YXXCalf Pad Kit, Everyday2
AZ1080XXCalf Strap Kit2
AZ1011XXThigh Pad Kits, Everyday, Left
AZ1002XXThigh Pad Kits, Everyday, Right
EZ1001XXThigh Pad Kits, Hi-Activity, Left
EZ1002XXThigh Pad Kits, Hi-Activity, Right
AZ1000XXThigh Strap Kit
1Comes standard with brace.

2Also available in XXS (XX = 00)

XX = See size chart

Y = Left 1, Right 2

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