A convenient, compact and simple system for hospital and home use.

VPULSE® improves patient outcomes after injury and / or surgery by reducing pain and swelling and therefore reducing the requirement for medication.

The VPULSE® system is used with anatomically designed pads, providing a continuous flow of cold and compression therapy.

VPULSE® helps patients achieve complete, comfortable recoveries through:

  • Motorised cold therapy to help reduce operative site discomfort and inflammation
  • Compression to further help reduce operative site inflammation

Please choose which pads you require and select NO PADS if you require none

Improves Patient Experience: Combining three therapies into one convenient device optimises patient comfort during recovery. With motorised cold therapy and accompanying water bottles, patients avoid the hassle of frequently switching out ice cubes or gel packs.

Provides Convenient Home Therapy: As hospital stays continue to shorten, VPULSE provides a solution for patients to take home and keep.

Provides Possible Alternative to Anticoagulants: VPULSE® offers physicians another option to help tailor preventative care to patient risk and provides an alternative for patients contraindicated for anticoagulants.


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Using Cold Therapy to Improve Patient Satisfaction and Reduce Opioid Use Post Surgery

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