Fusion® Medial OA Knee Brace


The Fusion® OA Plus knee brace provides patients with medial compartment off-loading for unicompartmental osteoarthritis.

It features Breg’s exclusive adjustable hinge technology, which provides an effective valgus load to the knee. The hinge utilizes Breg’s thumbwheel dial design that allows patients to easily adjust the level of offloading without using a tool.

Breg’s ProForm technology provides an intimate, contoured fit, that keeps the brace in place all day long.

Fusion® OA Plus provides medial / lateral, anterior / posterior stabilization and support.


Common Examples of Use

  • Unicompartmental OA-lateral
  • Chondral defect procedures
  • Meniscal procedures

Product Features

  • AirTech® Frame pads – innovative windows and channels in the pad permit cooling air flow while allowing moisture and heat to move away from the skin
  • Innovative thumbwheel dial makes precision off-loading adjustments easy – no tools required
  • PivotPoint straps provide superior comfort during motion
  • Cushioned straps and pads increase comfort
  • ProForm technology offers contoured fit and maximum protection
  • Sleek frame design provides unhindered mobility

Instructions for use

Part Numbers

01221Fusion® OA Plus Custom
01222Fusion® OA Plus Custom Color / Pattern
130XXFusion® OA Plus, Prefabricated, Left
131XXFusion® OA Plus, Prefabricated, Right
787XXFusion® OA Plus, Refurbish, Left
788XXFusion® OA Plus, Refurbish, Right

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