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The Bristol / Oxford Uni Knee Meeting is one of the most established conferences in the Joint Preservation calendar. The meeting has expanded in recent years to address the philosophy of the modern Joint Preservation practice. In 2018, the Joint Operations portfolio was discussed at length on the programme;

Meniscal Allograft and Fresh Cartilage Transplantation

Mr Tim Spalding updated the delegates on the mid-term results of the Warwick Meniscal Allograft Transplant series which utilises sized matched tissue from Joint Operations partner JRF Ortho. Results showed that patients with cartilage damage have a higher risk of complications so Mr Spalding and his colleagues have been restoring the joint surface using JRF Ortho fresh cartilage grafts alongside the meniscal transplant. Several case reports were shown and the indications discussed.

Fresh OsteoChondral Grafts – Prof. Martyn Snow

Professor Snow went deeper into the indications and technique for fresh osteochondral grafting, discussing the method of sourcing the tissue and showing several case reports. In particular an army veteran who received a biological knee reconstruction following injury using size matched tissue from the JRF Ortho. The patient has remained active and the grafts have incorporated successfully several years later.

The Arthrosurface HemiCAP – Dr. Christoph Becker

Dr Becker presented his series and indications for the Arthrosurface HemiCAP implant, distributed by Joint Operations. Over 100,000 HemiCAP implants have now been implanted and Dr Becher showed follow from two of the earliest, both 12 years out from the procedure; active and pain free. Dr Becker also showed some of the early research which looked at the contact pressure on the opposing joint surface with HemiCAP implants left proud, recessed and in line with the joint surface. This work demonstrated the viability of the design and also guided surgeons on the correct implantation technique.

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