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“Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back.” 

Joint Operations sees true value in education and learning. #Savethejoint Education were delighted to send four British surgeons to join our partners ‘Geistlich’ in Poznan, for the 3rd AMIC and AMMR Meeting back in February.

The course, held at the ‘Poznan lab institute of practical medicine’ was the ideal opportunity to learn technique and gain a better understanding of how the products work.



All participants on the course were able to perform both techniques in a wet and dry environment with experts Dr. Tomasz Pointek and Prof. Justus Gille on hand to demonstrate and answer questions.

The course included the following key points:

Introduction to the biomaterials Chondro-Gide® and Orthoss®, including clinical results

Theory of AMIC® in a wet environment and corresponding clinical data

Theory of AMIC® and AMMR in a dry environment and corresponding clinical data

Postoperative treatment after AMIC® and AMMR

Wet lab featuring both, wet and dry techniques.

Dr. Tomasz Piontek

Dr. Tomasz Piontek is a graduate of the Academy of Medical Sciences and Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopaedics UM Poznan. Dr Piontek is a member of the Polish Society of Pediatric Orthopaedic and Traumatology Surgery. His specific areas of interest include Sports Traumatology, treatment of joint injuries, arthroscopy of the knee, hip and ankle and arthroscopic treatment of multiligament instability and regenerative medicine for joints.

AMIC and AMES Technique Video
PD Dr. Justus Gille

Surgeon Profile: PD Dr. Justus Gille

Surgeon Profile: PD Dr. Justus Gille is a specialist in orthopaedics and accident surgery at the campus of Lübeck, UKSH, he received the Herbert Lauterbach Prize from the Association of Professional Cooperative Clinics for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of accident medicine. He was honoured for his research into the so-called autologous matrix-induced chondrogenesis (AMIC), an innovative method of cartilage replacement therapy.PD Dr. Gille is a senior physician in the Department of Trauma Surgery at the Clinic for Surgery of the Support and Movement Apparatus of the UKSH. The prize was awarded at the German Congress for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery in Berlin.”Both injuries from sports injuries and accidents at work can lead to direct damage to the articular cartilage,” explains Dr. Gille. “Because of the lack of sp such as the AMIC is particularly important in young people.”The work was published in two international journals in 2010 and has been approved by the Medical Faculty of the University of Lübeck as a habilitation thesis. ontaneous regeneration of articular cartilage after structural defects, a curative therapy

About Geistlich


More than 160 years of expertise in the processing and refinement of bone, cartilage and collagen

Geistlich Pharma is a Swiss company, owned by the family Geistlich with its headquarters in Central Switzerland in Wolhusen and in Root. The company is part of the Geistlich Holding. Since the business was established in 1851, Geistlich has developed its expertise in the processing of bone and tissue.

“Our goal is to give patients back some quality of life.” – Paul Note, CEO Geistlich Pharma

The close collaboration with scientists and researchers plays a decisive role in the development of the products. Geistlich Pharma is organised into three business divisions: Geistlich Biomaterials (dental medicine), Geistlich Surgery (orthopaedics and traumatology) and Geistlich Medical (pharmaceuticals and supplementals). The company is entirely privately owned, enabling it to think and act with the long term in mind. You can find out more about Geistlich HERE.

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